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Glass Apple Bonzai

by Glass Apple Bonzai

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The debut full-length release by Canadian synthpop/synthwave project Glass Apple Bonzai.
GAB is a side project of Daniel X. Belasco of Industrial/Electronic/Sci-Fi band Defence Mechanism.


released May 7, 2014

Glass Apple Bonzai is:
Daniel X. Belasco

Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Daniel X. Belasco @ The Studio From Beyond the Moon, St. Catharines, Ontario
Words and Music by Daniel X. Belasco (Daniel George Mackie)
Mastered by Martin Bowes @ The Cage (

Artwork by Paul Sizer/Sizer Design + Illustration (

Recorded using FL Studio 10, Arturia CS80V, Arturia Moog Module V, Korg Legacy Polysix, SuperwaveP8, Use Audio Plugiator, Korg Dw8000, Casio CZ5000, Roland Alpha Juno 1, Alesis QS7, Ensoniq SD-1, Yamaha TX7, Yamaha Tenori-On, Akai S5000 sampler

Thank You to:
My Mum, Ethan Moseley, Rob "Rob-Bot" Moseley, Troy "Fuck You, Troy" Hilton, Krummi Bjorgvinsson (Legend), Steve/Dreamstate Seven, Paul Sizer, Martin Bowes, Jennifer Emily, Conor von Moonbeam, Gord and Anju Sood-Clement, Alex Ready, Sheenah Ko, Rick Van Owen, Ryan Cameron-Clark, Alex Kennedy, Edwin Locke, Larry Swiercz, Mike Bryant, Rick "That Sounds Made Up" Lever, Brian Hogue, Mrs. Awesome, Brian "Brain Grabber" Graupner, Jessica McAuley, Rammbo, DJ Th'Elf, Hangedman and Saucy Miso, Kim and Luke @ The Brain Farm, Miss Ashlee Standish, Ethan Rising, and any and all fans and friends worldwide.

Indiegogo Contributors:

Ryan Mallette, Vanessa Tarling, Robert Wagner, Lance Pilon, Suzy Roy, Herman Wang, Joshua Starkey, Ryan Cameron-Clark, Brian Graupner, Morgan, Adrian & Trent, Bruce Lord, Jason Meadows, Mandy Wells, Alex Ready, Ethan Moseley, Barbara Moser, Roanne Seguin, Robotnik The Destroyer, Jill Grant, Shantell Powell, Van Owen, Mike Bryant, Kisho, and Kyle Greer.




Glass Apple Bonzai Toronto, Ontario

Glass Apple Bonzai is the solo synthpop / synthwave project of the illustrious Daniel X. Belasco of Defence Mechanism.
A sonic trip into the darker, moodier parts of the 1980's synth movement.
Aptly titled "Depressionwave" by some random person on the internet.
If you like the 80's then you'll like this, honest.
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Track Name: A Million Foolish Hands
I carefully have given it all much thought
Into a time I feel loneliness
The memories are charming only once
The time that we don't feel that sanity has begun

(chorus 1)
A million foolish hands to light up all the signs
And foolish hands give way to a failure to decided
the enemies into the sun to throw it all away
A million way to tell me how my life has gone astray

I honestly haven't given it all much thought
Been blinded by the ways I've never once been taught
And to a time I feel loneliness
The feelings are changing
And I see the signs I'm making

(chorus 2)
A million ways I choose to light up in the night
A million fools are just water through the sand
A million ways into the sun to throw your shame away
I never knew just what you want until I gave it away

To hold, to give you
To set the days on fire
Another way to change everything
I fire two inside, and I burn the days away
And I've seen your crimes and I hear your name

(repeat chorus 1)
(repeat chorus 2)
Track Name: The Fist
In a race to another life
You shake the hand of those who know
And the ending will begin
And force a break between two roads
And you'll never feel the same
On your way to stake your claim
To whatever fascinates
A basic game between two traits

Now there's a place in the afterlife
Where all the lies become your truth
And now you're in control
Of every minute of your youth
Though you'll never know for sure
Why you're wearing this disguise
In denial of your fate
The truth is hiding in your eyes

I don't mind the sun sometimes, I never mind the rain
I try to clear my mind of all the shit you'd say
Take back the wasted days and show'em who to blame
Let all the people know I'll never play their game

In the face of another lie
You can't believe it's gone so cold
That a meaningless demise
Is the only choice you're sold
As you're crawling on the floor
Trying slowly to replace
All the elements of hate
With an image of your face

I don't mind the sun sometimes, I never mind the rain
I try to clear my mind of everything you'd say
I lie awake at night with the innocence of dreams
To let all the people know it's never what it seems

And the fear from the other side
In denial of your strenth
Will believe its only lies
Are the shadows of your fate
And the memory sets in
As the pieces fit the shape
And the ending will begin
With the burning fires of hate

I never mind the sun sometimes, I never mind the rain
And I try to clear my mind of all the shit you'd say
And I'll break away from here and leave it all behind
And set fire to everything until the end of time...

And I won't feel OK...
Track Name: Too Late to Let Go
You don't know who I am or who I used to be
It takes a thousand years to get this close to me
And only time will tell how I should be seen
I know it takes a while to find out what I mean

And maybe I should go away?
(maybe I should go away)
And maybe I will melt away?
(maybe I will melt away)
A million things before my eyes that I will never be
And it's too late to let go

Wishing someone knew that it was all a game
The feeling I once knew is leaving me again
It takes a million years for everyone to see
And only time will tell what you have done to me

(repeat chorus x2)
Track Name: Fade to Sorrow
The final breath
The silence of your fears
So many lies for all those years
But never mind nothing matters now you've done no wrong
And all that time doesn't matter now that life has gone

One minute left to go
I don't think so, I don't know
How a thousand lies turned everything to shame
The memories will fade to sorrow
And I will never let you go
Now this solemn life will never be the same

And you can try
To silence everything and I wish I could believe
There's somewhere else that you might go
And I know I'm right but I wish I might be wrong somehow
As I hold your hand, and I understand you're leaving now

(repeat chorus)

There comes a time
When everything will fade and the memories remain
And nothing ever seems the same
And it took some time and now I realise you've done no wrong
And all that time it doesn't matter why that life has gone

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Right Some Day
The eyes on the wall from I don't know where
A failure to see, I don't know where
The fires below to show me the way
I'm trying to know, it's all mystery

And I know the answers to the song
Awakened lies were hidden far too long

(chorus 1)
the liars songs and the attitudes of mind, some day
Will show us how to die, some day
And it feels OK

and I won't go away

I'm feeling the soul as a means to mourn
Nothing's the same, I don't need anymore
The wires alone are feelings enough to save
And I don't care if you don't know the same

A million signs for you to throw away
And I don't mind to see it all again

(repeat chorus 1)

But I won't go away
No I won't go away

Maybe the song is doing some right
I won't begin a failure tonight
Now listen close and watch it all unfurl
And I won't care if you can't see the world

A million signs for you to throw away
And I don't mind to see it all again

The liars songs and the attitudes of mind, some day
Will show us how to die, some day
And sit alone and lie all day
And never see the light of day
Taking everything away
We'll never see the light of day
And it feels OK
Track Name: The Freeze
It's nothing that you said that led me to this day
A fictional creation of my mind
I'm lost in admiration for a broken few
And nothing ever seems the same
This breaking ice surrounds my life; my name

A momentary shame
And then I freeze this lie within me
A victim of your blame
And then I see desire within me
A million things I've seen
Can you believe this fire within me
Extinguished gracefully?
And then I freeze this lie within me

From the nothern sky the winds of fate
Sending frozen lies of fear and hate my way
I never understood the way you took the pain
And threw it in my face again
This breaking ice is showing me the way

(repeat chorus)

If you took the time I bet that you'd see
There's nothing left for you and nothing left for me
You turn it all around and then you take the blame
And nothing ever feels the same
This breaking ice is taking you away

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Impossible to Ignore
Impossible to Ignore

You couldn't believe the truth that I was in your mind
And though it feels the same way every single time
And you could feel the answer crawling up your spine
And though it seems the same way, everything's divine

I know just exactly what you said
And I know just exactly where you are
I see every single thing you do
And I know just exactly how far

And though it may seem too impossible to ignore
And no one here will begin to see right through the door
And though you may begin to follow,
And give it up in the middle of the night
Change your mind, change the time, change it all around
And see it in the end tonight

(repeat chorus)

No reasons, frozen ice, and I feel
Though you change inside
And fall to hollow days and lies
And you try to crawl away in side

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Satellite of Fallen Grace
As all your friends stood still
in perfect silence you will set fire to me
And this time, I see
And it's your friends who will
By trading violence with skill desire to lead
The one time that I feel...

This way of life seems out of place
And I feel as though I fell into somebody else's grave
On this satellite of fallen grace
And it feels OK to throw it all away

When the earth stood still
With perfect timing you will conspire to free
This life that you keep
And if your friends won't kill
The fading moment to swallow the pill, the fire in me
But this time I see...

(repeat chorus)

Then you figure out, in your solitude
What the trigger is, to make everything turn blue

As the world stands still
The moment everyone will quietly scream
As this fire sets free
And as the only ones left
careening quickly to death, silently plead
And it's time they see...

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: The Girl With the Telephoto Eye
The image that I see is staring back at a me
In the book full of things I'll never be

(chorus 1)
And one day I will open wide
And magnify the things I'd say to you
And hopefully you'll know just why
And share with me and tell me what to do

To see you there that night
Flashes full of light
And the imagery that you thoughtfully create

(chorus 2)
I feel as though I've seen inside
Behind your eyes and now I'm mystefied
Of all the things I know are true
There's no place I'd rather be than with you
A million things I'd love to say
But then one day that may just go away
And thankfully you've shown me how
To find the things I've lost somehow

The image that I see is staring back at a me
In the book full of things I'll never be

(repeat chorus 2)

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